The Green Bean Coffee Roaster

Green Bean Coffee Roasting Machines provide an economical way for you to serve your customers the highest quality, super fresh coffee. They’ll taste the difference and you’ll stand out from your competitors.

Purpose built, the Green Bean Coffee Roasters allows you to efficiently and cost effectively produce freshly roasted coffee. The Green Bean Coffee Roasters are suited to cafe’s, restaurants, espresso stands, hotels and even domestic roasting needs.

Attractive as well as functional, the Green Bean Coffee Roasters provides a ‘visual theatre’ for your customers – as green beans turn a golden brown before their very eyes and the sweet aroma of freshly roasted coffee fills the air to tempt their taste buds.

Two models are available:

  • 600g Roaster

    This roaster can easily roast 10-12 kilos of coffee a day. Small in size but with the same features as the larger roaster

  • 1.2kg Roaster

    Do you have a big demand for roasted beans? This could be the Coffee Roaster for you. With a roasting capacity of up to 28 kilos a day, you could start your own coffee company.

Designed for commercial use, all Green Bean Coffee Roasters are fully automatic, fluid bed and gas operated. They can easily roast kilos of coffee per day without increasing labour costs, and the average cafe owner can cut their coffee bean costs by half.

The Green Bean Coffee Roaster’s simple operation enables you to roast green beans to perfection without any roasting experience.

Roaster Specifications

Green Bean Coffee Roaster Specifications


Key Benefits for Cafe’s & Retailers

  • Green Bean Coffee Roasters provide an opportunity for the cafe to package and market their own coffee (up-selling)
  • Green Bean Coffee Roaster creates a point of difference for the cafe/restaurant
  • The roaster provides the freshest possible product available to their clientele
  • This method of roasting cuts the purchasing price of coffee by at least half for the average cafe owner
  • The roaster does not push labour costs up – it is fully automatic and easy to use.
  • This process ensures the profit made from Green Bean Coffee Roaster goes directly to the retailer – it cuts out the middleman


  • Gas fired, full automatic machine
  • Extremely reliable. All components have been used / tested in commercial uses
  • Jerry Whitfield, who was also involved with the design of the Boeing 767 aircraft, designed the Green Bean Coffee Roaster. His knowledge – in particular of engine design and gas flow – has ensured that his piece of machinery is at the cutting edge of roasting technology
  • The Roaster works off temperature and time. It monitors temperature to ensure that the roast temperature remains on line with roast profile and ensures a steady and even increase in temperature
  • This is the latest technology in coffee roasting. Never before has a retailer had the opportunity to produce freshly roasted coffee for their clientele in such an economical and efficient manner
  • Lavazza uses a similar process in Italy
  • The coffee will not burn: The Roaster is designed to follow the set roast profile

Advanced Definition Roasting

Become a “master roaster” by creating your own custom roasting recipes using Green Bean’s Advanced Definition Roasting (ADR) controller – the perfect combination to make a profitable difference in your business!

Advanced Definition Roasting Screen Shot

The fundamental objective of good roasting should be to reveal the best flavors of any particular coffee. This is best achieved by roasting consistently in color and time-temperature profiles designed to match the characteristics of a particular coffee. Too fast a roast gives insufficient time for flavor development. A longer, light degree of roast allows the coffee to reveal its true flavors. Darker roasts develop caramelized flavors with a sweeter aftertaste, more suitable for espresso. Quick cooling following the roast helps stabilize the brightness of a coffee associated with high acidity.

Green Bean now enables the discerning roaster to control all of these important roasting variables but still maintain the simplicity of “push-button roasting” with its new Advanced Definition Roasting (ADR) controller.

The ADR software package provides a simple and intuitive means of designing time-temperature roasting profiles for different coffees and specifying end of roast temperatures using a laptop computer. Bluetooth connectivity uploads the profiles and end of roast temperatures to the Green Bean roaster control and monitors the roast profile on the computer screen. The simple push-button control provides consistency from roast to roast.

Advanced Definition Roasting

ADR Software Features with a Green Bean Coffee Roaster

  • Create and store unlimited custom roast profiles using simple PC and Mac based software
  • Wirelessly download up to 6 selected roast profiles to the 1-lb or 2-lb Green Bean Coffee Roaster
  • Monitor the live roast cycle on your computer. (See graph above: the red line indicates the actual roast temperature and how closely the roaster followed your selected roast profile. The blue dot indicates the end of roast and start of cooling.)
  • Green Bean Coffee Roaster maintains push-button simplicity with this exciting new software application
  • The software package contains the Green Bean Default profile used on all Green Bean Roasters along with 2 slower/lighter profiles designed for low and high density beans, and suitable for sample roasting.
  • All 2014 Green Bean roasters can specify either the ADR control package or the standard control.
  • Upgrade ADR kits are available for all pre-2014 model roasters. The kit includes new control board, new stainless steel temperature sensor, Bluetooth board, and software CD and license.

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