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Green Bean Coffee Roaster

Designed specifically to meet the needs of busy café operators, the Green Bean Coffee Roaster allows you to produce fresh coffee easily, consistently, and economically in an aesthetically pleasing way - We like to call it “Food Theatre”. A true commercial appliance, the roasters are the only coffee roaster sold in Australia that are pre-certified for commercial use by the Australian Gas Association as a Class 1 appliance.

Our roasters come with a tried & true roasting profile inbuilt so all that’s required is to fill the chamber with good quality coffee beans to get an outstanding result. We have taken the hard work and worry out of the decision for you so you can concentrate on your business.

New to the roasters is Advanced Definition Roasting (ADR). The ADR Kit allows you upload your own profiles wirelessly to the roaster from a program you install on your laptop or PC.

Available Models

600g Roaster
These can be configured to run on either LPG (31 MJ/Hour) or Natural Gas (39 MJ/Hour) and draw only 360 watts while operating. Capable of a comfortable three roast profiles per hour you could roast 60kg in 40 hours just turning it over. No supervision is required to roast, just routine cleaning of five minutes per day to ensure consistency.

1.2kg Roaster
To supply a good café, bakery, delicatessen or restaurant we think that this model is for you. With a roasting capacity of 3kg per hour you could roast 24kg in 8 hours comfortably. In seven days that’s 168kg. (LPG - 42 MJ/hour, Natural Gas 42MJ/hour) 360 watts.

Available Finishes

All models are fitted with Brushed, Stainless body panels as standard. Stainless steel is a classic look for any caterer being both very hard wearing and easy to clean. Alternately, the roaster panels can be powder-coated, sprayed and baked with any Automotive colour you can specify or Electroplated with Copper, Brass, Bronze, Nickel. Silver and 24 carat Gold. Different metals, paints and finishes cost varying amounts and will be quoted on separately and may require a lead time of up to two weeks.

For a quote or any other enquiries you can also call us on 02 9870 7898

Kaffelogic Nano 7

The Kaffelogic Nano 7 is a high-precision profile roaster for home use turning out freshly roasted coffee at the touch of a button. The roaster comes with software for creating and editing roast profiles that gives the user total control of their roast. The coffee is air roasted for a clean, even roast, and an incredibly fast cool down locks the flavour in.

Available Models

120g Roaster
Can roast in batches from 60 grams to 120 grams. The average home owner need only roast 2-4 time per week depending on batch size and consumption.

Available Finishes

Matt black powder coat which doesn't show finger marks and is easy to keep clean.

For a quote or any other enquiries you can also call us on 02 9870 7898

Advanced Definition Roasting

Become a “master roaster” by creating your own custom roasting recipes using Green Bean’s Advanced Definition Roasting (ADR) controller – the perfect combination to make a profitable difference in your business!

The fundamental objective of good roasting should be to reveal the best flavors of any particular coffee. This is best achieved by roasting consistently in color and time-temperature profiles designed to match the characteristics of a particular coffee. Too fast a roast gives insufficient time for flavor development. A longer, light degree of roast allows the coffee to reveal its true flavors. Darker roasts develop caramelized flavors with a sweeter aftertaste, more suitable for espresso. Quick cooling following the roast helps stabilize the brightness of a coffee associated with high acidity.

Green Bean now enables the discerning roaster to control all of these important roasting variables but still maintain the simplicity of “push-button roasting” with its new Advanced Definition Roasting (ADR) controller.

The ADR software package provides a simple and intuitive means of designing time-temperature roasting profiles for different coffees and specifying end of roast temperatures using a laptop computer. Bluetooth connectivity uploads the profiles and end of roast temperatures to the Green Bean roaster control and monitors the roast profile on the computer screen. The simple push-button control provides consistency from roast to roast.